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Denver Police Department Office Michele Cooper
July 27, 2020

DPD update – Officer Michele Cooper shared that the Department has 2000 masks that they can distribute as needed to help enforce the required mask mandate from the Governor. She highlighted crime concerns in Highland:

  1. bike thefts - the DPD has a nifty way to register your bike.

  2. garage break ins because folks are leaving their garage doors open.

  3. car thefts: the DPD will provide a free club to folks with the top 10 makes of stolen cars. They also have special screws you can use to secure your license plate.

Melissa Santistevan, Gardens of St. Elizabeth
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July 22, 2020
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Denver Police Department Office Michele Cooper
June 17, 2020
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Two helpful reminders to protect your belongings

May 1, 2020

Aggravated Assaults are assaults with a deadly weapon or an assault resulting in SBI (broken bones, loss of eye sight etc). Simple assaults do not involve a weapon and result in minor or no injury.

  • Burglaries - several burglaries with open garages and unlocked doors. As the weather gets warmer we will see an increase of garage burglaries because people leave the doors open even when they are not around.

  • License plate thefts are still numerous. We still have license plate screws here at District 1. We provide the screws free of charge and even install them on the vehicle located at 1311 W 46th Ave

  • TFMV (theft from motor vehicle). Please don't leave items visible inside our vehicles. The items reported stolen from a motor vehicle recently were a laptop, purse, and a tablet, all left in plain view on the seat in the vehicle. 

  • Auto thefts -  We have seen an increase of thefts of Jeep vehicles. Keep vehicles and all doors / windows locked. One of the auto thefts resulting in a credit card being used.

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