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HUNI represents the Highland community that is home to more than 10,000 people and growing. Highland United Neighbors, Inc, bounded by West 38th Avenue, Federal Boulevard, Speer Boulevard, and the South Platte River. (HUNI) is a Registered Neighborhood Organization comprised of residents, business owners, non-profits and schools. HUNI is supported by volunteers as well as generous individual supporters, families, businesses and corporations - all committed to making our community a better place to live, work and thrive. HUNI strives to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to create a unified voice for our community. 


HUNI strongly believes in creating a synergistic effort with contiguous Registered Neighborhood Organizations for maximum community results. The NW Denver RNOs reciprocate with the various HUNI committee meetings and both organizations gain by recruiting volunteers through their respective community for a strong and cohesive initiative push.​

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The HUNI Vision

Highland United Neighbors, Inc. is a Registered Neighborhood Organization comprised of volunteers from the public, private and business sectors, committed to the mission of the Highland community and dedicated to furthering its goals.

The HUNI Mission

The Mission of HUNI is to facilitate consistent and responsible communication among Highland neighbors and the community at-large, to improve the quality of life for its residents, organizations and businesses and to provide advocacy and promotion for our community.

Membership at HUNI

Membership in HUNI shall be open to all persons, eighteen years of age and older who are in one of the following categories:
Resident Member is any person who maintains their residence, owns a business, or who owns real property within the boundary of HUNI,is considered a member when a valid mailing address is provided.Resident members shall be entitled to vote on HUNI matters.  


Non-Resident Member (“Friend of HUNI”) may be any individual, business, family, club, association, community organization, church or other entity located outside the boundary of HUNI who is currently a member of HUNI. Non-Resident members shall not be entitled to a vote at HUNI meetings.


HUNI does not require any fees, but welcomes and encourages individual and business donations.


Voting Privileges
Resident Members. All resident members of HUNI, whether free or dues paying, shall be entitled to one collective vote at any authorized meeting of HUNI, where issues of interest to the community at large are to be determined, and one vote in the election of officers at the Annual Meeting of HUNI or upon a question of corporate dissolution. In the event a quorum of membership is not present, such matters may be voted upon by a quorum of the Board of Directors.

Nonresident Members. Shall not be entitled to a vote at HUNI membership meetings. 
Proxy. Each member of HUNI is entitled to one vote in the election of officers. Voting by proxy is not permitted.


“She is upon a high eminence, proudly overlooking her smoky neighbor, the city of Denver, her atmosphere untarnished by factory or smelter smoke, but as pure and fresh and sweet as the God of Nature ever gave Man.”

Learn about our storied history here.

Board of Directors

Lisa Bardwell



Tim Boers

PCD Committee


Walt Bradbury



Tom Strobel

Membership Committee


Tai Bickham


Jacob Kauffman


Michelle Marcu


Susan Hennessy



Evan Munsing


Brandon C. Smith


Emily Tucker


Michael “Pete” Winterscheidt


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