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HUNI Annual Meeting  |  June 23

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Every year we collect our HUNI community to learn about each other, issues that are impacting our neighborhood and ways that together we can work towards a more sustainable future.

Please REGISTER HERE and let us know more about you and your concerns. We want to hear from you!

Annual Meeting Agenda

6: 00 PM     Bill Wittreich | HUNI President:  Welcome
6:05 PM      Paul Tamburello | HUNI Merchant & Member: Comments
6:15 PM      District 1 City Councilwoman Amanda Sandoval:  Current Snapshot / Q & A
6:30 PM      Scott Wolf  |  Principal, North High School: Updates, family needs, Fall classes
6:40 PM      Tiffany Mair  | Woodbury Branch, Denver Public Library:  Updates
6:45 PM      Tim Boers  |  HUNI Planning, Community Development:  Updates
7:00 PM       Bill Wittreich  | HUNI updates, future events, community commitment
7:10 PM       All: Public comment / discussion - what would you like to see HUNI do?
7:25 PM       Prospective 2020-21 HUNI Board members 

*We encourage all participants to ask questions in the "Chat Room" which we will manage during the meeting. You can send in questions prior to the meeting here. 

Looking to expand our Board

June 12, 2020

Right now, the value of community is clearer than ever. Neighbors are reaching out, sharing information, patronizing local businesses, checking on each other, offering to help. That's what HUNI is about as well! HUNI gives by sharing information, supporting local businesses and hosting events. The best part of HUNI is our people. We are growing and we need your help. Currently, we are looking for members in our community who are interested in volunteering as a HUNI Board member. 
If you say yes to most of these questions, we'd love to talk to you about being on the board: 

  • Do you want to engage and motivate community members to actively support neighborhood initiatives such as sustainability, education, responsible growth and development?

  • Do you want a better understanding of your community for you, your family and/or your business?

  • Do you want to meet your neighbors, local businesses and learn more about their involvement, intentions, challenges and successes?

  • Do you want to meet new people, share some of your ideas and help impact the beauty and excitement of our neighborhood?

  • Do you like to participate in events?

  • Do you have 8 – 12 hours monthly to participate in bettering your community?


We invite you to tell us you're interested by completing this short questionnaire. 

We look forward to meeting you!

The HUNI Team 



By becoming a HUNI Member with Benefits, you are supporting the residents and businesses in your neighborhood.
Members with Benefits:

  • Connect and meet with your neighbors and businesses

  • Are informed about Highland Neighborhood happenings

  • Support and give back to your local community

  • Get involved and engaged in your local community

  • Connect to local government and public safety officials

  • Participate in neighborhood events:

  • Monthly HUNI Happy Hours at local business with prizes

    • White Tablecloth Dinner

    • Sustainability Initiatives

    • North High School community celebration

    • Heritage Bike Ride

    • And other neighborhood events throughout the year such as Fourth of July Parade, Halloween Party, and more

Four membership levels are available:

  • $15: Individual Membership

  • $20: Family Membership 

  • $10 Senior Membership (residents over 65 years young)

  • $50 Small Business Membership



HUNI is always looking for a lending hand. All her serve on our Board are volunteers and believe that personal involvement in your neighborhood is how to sustain its growth and significance for the community. 

If you want to get involved as an individual, business or family - we would love your help:


HUNI hosts an average of 3-5 events each year, and in addition to those we often are the


Sustainability Team - for events in NW Denver. This includes being at the event with minimal setup and then meeting and visiting with participants to share responsible practices of sustainable efforts. A great opportunity for all ages! 


Community Support - our local schools and community members are in need of support for small tasks that take a few hours. Let us know your interest by submitting your info below:

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

          - No current volunteer opportunities

updated 1/26/20

If interested, please contact us here


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