Free PPE Kits - sign up here (first come first serve)

These kits will be available on a first come/first serve basis to small businesses and nonprofits beginning Monday, August 3 via this website. 
There will be a form to complete based on basic eligibility criteria such as business / nonprofit located in Denver, must have 25 employees or less, and must have been in operation before March 1, 2020. For those businesses who receive one of the 4,000 kits that will be made available, they will include:

  • 1 64-oz Hand Sanitizer

  • 40 1-oz Hand Sanitizers

  • 1 gal Surface Disinfectant

  • 100 Surgical Masks

  • 1 Non-contact thermometer

  • 10 Face Shields

Amanda P. Sandoval
Councilwoman District 1
Denver City Council
City and County of Denver
p: (720) 337.7701

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Neighborhood Safety Update

DPD Officer Michelle - Property Crime Map

* For helpful information from Officer Cooper click here

DPD update – Officer Michele Cooper shared that the Department has 2000 masks that they can distribute as needed to help enforce the required mask mandate from the Governor. She highlighted crime concerns in Highland:

  1. bike thefts - the DPD has a nifty way to register your bike.

  2. garage break ins because folks are leaving their garage doors open.

  3. car thefts: the DPD will provide a free club to folks with the top 10 makes of stolen cars. They also have special screws you can use to secure your license plate.

Takeout Tuesday Northside Restaurant Effort

Now’s your chance to help keep local restaurants (& their staffs) going during COVID-19. HUNI has joined forces with fellow Northside neighborhood and merchant groups to promote “Takeout Tuesdays” across North Denver. 


Sign the “Takeout Tuesdays” pledge to commit to ordering takeout one or two nights each week from Northside restaurants. Then you’ll receive weekly reminders and recommendations for amazing “to go” food options all over North Denver. There may also be chances to win gift cards and other prizes to some of your favorite Northside hot spots. 

Please take the pledge, show your support and help keep our North Denver community strong!"

Takeout Tuesdays Pledge.png

COVID-19 |  Friendly suggestions from one of our HUNI Merchants

This email was shared by one of our community members who is in digital marketing. THIS IS NOT FROM HUNI (just wanted to share). He commented about reaching out to your business community:


Now is not the time to be silent. Some people are scared to act. Leaders get creative and act quickly.

Here are a few steps he suggested for those businesses to adapt and prepare: 

  1. Talk to your landlord to see if they can work with you (either by splitting up payments or lowering the rent for the month)

  2. Cut costs that are not an investment to grow your business - Rather than layoff employees, furlough them. Or, have them help you with #3 & #4 below

  3. Consider if your business needs to pivot to solve problems people are experiencing now (feeling isolated, need assistance with getting supplies in, or their source of income has stopped and they need to work from home)

  4. Figure out what parts of your business can get online & get it launched(don’t get distracted by how pretty it is or adding a complex feature, get it online and refine it as you go)

  5. Coronavirus Resource & Loan Options from Small Business Administration

  6. Facebook Small Business Grants Program - $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help during this challenging time and Amazon’s Neighborhood Small Business Relief Fund

  7. Once you’ve adapted & prepared your road map for getting online AND have launched the essentials (your website and a marketing strategy), reach out to your community and invest money in advertising (Google AdWords & Facebook) to drive traffic quickly

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