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Sustainability Committee

Highland is one of eleven Denver Sustainable Neighborhoods, focused on making Highland a better place to live for us and future generations. HUNI's Sustainable Highland Committee plans and supports sustainability efforts in the neighborhood. We are eager to offer our sustainability expertise around reducing waste at your event, residence, or business. 

Planning and Community Development (PCD) Committee

HUNI's PCD Committee welcomes community members to proactively work together to create successful outcomes regarding planning and zoning issues. PCD provides a historical context of the neighborhood and embraces guiding principles related to building community. It establishes expectations for anyone wishing to change the face of our neighborhood, whether it's a variance for fence height or a 60-unit housing project.

Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA)

As residents of Highland, we are sensitive to the impact a new business can have on our community. We meet with existing or proposed bars/restaurants to ensure their practices align with the desires of our neighbors. We guide the prospective business regarding the expectations of the City and develop a GNA to make sure the establishment will conform to noise ordinances. HUNI's involvement in coming to agreement on a GNA with the various establishments serves as a benefit to the business and our community. 

Education Committee

To strengthen the Highland community schools and their members through awareness and involvement providing creative solutions to the schools' pressing needs. These include mobilizing volunteers and resources that support academics, the arts, technology, athletics, and cultural development. In turn, the schools reciprocate in providing support and volunteerism to our community. 



We have played a significant leadership role in events for all ages - namely the   July 4th Parade, the Highland HUNIween,
and local events hosted by Recess Beer Garden and Leevers Locavore. We continue to curate event ideas that are representative of our shared commitment to community.


This is a fun way to meet your neighbors and local business owners. We meet the last Tuesday of the month from 5:30-7:00p

at a Highland venue with drink specials and delicious food. 

Those who become new members get a free drink!

Join us!


Highland Merchants is an extension of HUNI leveraging its stature and influence by integrating the merchant efforts through HUNI's communications and events. We recognize the value of our merchants and want to support and promote them to their patrons and our neighbors.

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