Sustainability Committee

HUNI’s Sustainable Highland Initiatives encourage and support bottom-up (grassroots) approach by facilitating citizen connections with resources to make projects happen and keep them going. It is our hope to make Highland a better place to live for us and future generations with our efforts. Highland is one of eleven Denver Sustainable Neighborhoods (of RNOs) achieving an “outstanding” designation in its first year. HUNI’s vibrant Sustainability Committee is eager to offer its sustainability expertise with regard to events, current trends and awareness. 

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Northside Sustainability Alliance

We are in the process of creating a coalition aimed at banding together diverse sustainability efforts across Denver’s northwest neighborhoods. The Northside Sustainability Alliance grew out of already existing efforts in the Sunnyside, Highland, West Highland, and Berkeley neighborhoods. The mission statement of this group is to: 

The Northside Sustainability Alliance includes over 400 residents, businesses, and members of community groups from 11 different neighborhoods across northwest Denver. Together we are working to promote smart growth and sustainability throughout Denver’s Northside neighborhoods. Together we are working to ensure that north Denver is a great place for businesses, community members, and residents to call home. Contributions go directly toward helping to make the Northside a great place to live, work, and play!  You can reach us directly by email. 

You are invited to learn more at upcoming meeting scheduled at their Facebook page

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